The beginning

Hi. I really don’t know how to start this.Recently, I decided that I want to be a writer. I started reading novels when I was 13. It was the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (yes, my very first read novel was the last book of the legendary series that I didn’t even know back then) I could still remember the first part was all about Snape and the other death eaters having a meeting on how to kill Harry. The whole time I was like, “who the heck is Snape.” “Who the heck is Dumbledore” and so on. And then after that, I fell inlove with reading. I started borrowing books from my classmates and read them. When I reached 16, I decided that I need to have my own books. My very own treasures. So I bought my very first set of books which is the Divergent and Insurgent which I liked very much. And so it started. From two books to 40+. I save money every week to buy me a book atleast once a week. That’s how I work it. I’m planning to ask my mom to buy me a new bookshelf because my “bookshelf” is already full. Hehe.

So back to me wanting to be a writer. I decided I want to be a writer that’s why I’m going back to the basics. Starting from writing down my feelings and thoughts on a diary or a journal. Reason why I made this blog. Hopefully, it would help me in pondering my thoughts and creativity about my future stories =))


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