I don’t believe in second chances..

I am that kind of girl who believes in destiny, fairytales and soulmates. But I don’t believe in second chances. I can forgive but I find it so hard to forget.

Just recently, my friend and her boyfriend broke up because of the usual, a third wheel. But eventually, they got back together. I was wondering the whole time why it was so easy for my friend to just forgive and forget and start a brand new one. I was wondering if I were on her shoes, would I do the same thing? Would I be willing to risk (again) what’s already been risked? Would I be willing to trust someone who broke my heart? I believe that he could hurt you once so he could also hurt you a million times more and I don’t want to play the martyr’s role.

As what I’ve said, I believe in destiny, fairytales and soulmates but not in second chances. Maybe because I prefer to believe the fiction than the hurtful reality of this world that second chances exist for people to have a purpose to break you again.


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