Everyone deserves happiness.

I’ve talked about my mom about me wanting to shift to another course because I ‘m not excelling on my current course, I never excelled in that course. I told her that I no longer want accountancy (given the fact that it wasn’t really my first choice and she chose it for me) and that surprised her (in a bad way) and for half an hour or so, she just rambled about how I am not dreaming of bigger things, how I’m not really sorting out my priorities, that she just wants me to be successful forget about my feelings and how becoming a CPA could be the key to my “success”.

And then it dawned on me that she wanted me to be successful, but not happy. Don’t I deserve happiness? That even my own mother, wants me to just forget about what I feel and just consider my future (an uncertain future).

There’s no such things as bigger or smaller dreams because as long as you dream, you know your purpose. You know you’re aiming for something.


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