Hope and Darkness and the Girl

There was once a girl, who had a friend named Darkness

Following her wherever she goes

And making everything a mess

One day, she met Hope.

Darkness and Hope became her bestfriends

They go with her wherever she goes.

Darkness filled her with uncanny thoughts

Telling her she’s never good enough and that the world will be better off without her

Alongside with Darkness is Hope

Reminding her of her worth

Filling her minds with the light that was extinguished by Darkness.

She loved and hated both

Hope was always by her side whenever Darkness tries to empty her

Darkness was always by her side whenever Hope tries to fill her

There came a time that she needed to choose between the two

“Choose me, and you’ll never be sad again, I’ll empty everything out, I’ll end every suffering.” said Darkness

“Choose me, and I’ll light your path, I’ll let you feel again and I’ll give you a chance.” said Hope

The girl was torn

Between not feeling everything and having another chance

Convinced by the thought that whatever she choose wouldn’t matter

She pulled the trigger

And as she bleed

She saw Darkness slowly eating up Hope’s light

She remembered every moments Hope gave her

Every smile from a stranger

The loving caress from her mother

But it’s too late

Darkness has already won over her


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