Two Artists

Photo not mine
Photo not mine

She’s a writer

He’s a painter.

He believes the galaxy is her

She never believed in happy ever after;

He believes in the kindness inside her

She never believed in herself;

He painted the stars in her eyes

While she wrote him a story of lies;

He saw her as a masterpiece

She thinks he’s too good for her

She tried to push him away

harsh words she would say

Until one day

The painter met a fairer maiden

Kindness and elegance she effortlessly portrays

She let him draw her using brush of cares and paints of laughters

As their world draws closer

The loneliness grew on the heart of the writer

She never thought it would be as resentful

She sees how the maiden love the painter

She sees how the painter draws the entire universe just for her

She never wanted to ruin it

A love that was supposed to be hers

A romance of two of hearts

A story of her own solitary

A once upon a time for the two artists

And a happily ever after for the painter and the maiden

That was remorsely written by her


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