Isla and the Happily Ever After Book Review.

Isla and the Happily Ever After
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Isla and the Happily Ever after isn’t as charming as Lola and the Boy Next Door nor as magical as Anna and The French Kiss but the story has its own beauty. Maybe because the story itself is an art, and arts aren’t supposed to be nice, nor charming,it’s supposed to make you feel something. (and yes, I am definitely quoting Eleanor & Park here)

So the story started when a disoriented Isla Martin met her long-time crush Josh Wassertein at a cafe. They had their very first real conversation that time because Isla isn’t her low self-esteemed, shy self; she even had Josh draw her and walk her home. She woke up the next day trying to remember what exactly happened and felt a gush of embarrassment once she had recalled everything. So she tried to talk to Josh again but can’t find the willpower to do so. But then fate itself made its way and finally they had a chance to talk. Josh admitted that at first, he thought Isla and her bestfriend, Kurt, were romantically involved so he tried to not to be involved with Isla even though he’s kinda interested in her. But then they started talking, the little chit chats became riveting conversations and then they started dating.

But as for someone like Isla who lacks self confidence, her insecurities start to fill her up, especially when her boyfriend got kicked out of school and was grounded from using his phone. Will Isla let her insecurities get in the way of their love or will Josh find more ways to show his true feelings to her?

I actually expected Josh and Rashmi to fall apart once I’ve heard about this book but assumed that it would be more about Josh moving on from his failed relationship with Rashmi and Isla being there to comfort him or something close to that to be honest. Stephanie Perkins knew the right plot and the right words and that’s what made this a very wonderful book. I love this book (specially the ending! love the cameos! )


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